Lawn Care Services

Lawn Improvements

Annual core aeration which helps to reduce soil compaction and thatch. Water and nutrients then become more available to the grass plants. There will be a noticeable improvement to the lawn color following this process.

Overseeding with appropriate turf grass species helps to repair thin or dead areas in the lawn. Slit seeding machines are used to drill the seed into the soil layer.

Topdressing with organic compost is most often done in conjunction with the above procedures. The compost increases the organic matter in the soil and provides nutrients and beneficial microbes. It also improves the soil structure, water infiltration, and uneven spots in the lawn.

Lime application is indicated when soil pH is low. The majority of lawns in our area will benefit from an annual application of lime. Keeping the pH in the correct range will allow the soil to uptake maximum nutrients.

Soil Testing & Analysis

Soil Testing and Analysis is an important tool for keeping a lawn healthy and vigorous. An annual soil test will indicate the need for liming and addition of other nutrients. A soil test shows the availability of plant nutrients in the soil so that Safe Lawns of Salem can make a fertilization recommendation based on how nutrient-rich or deficient your soil is. By having your soil tested annually, you can ensure that your soil stays healthy and so does your lawn and family.

There are several things that a soil test primarily looks at. This includes the nutrient content and composition as well as the acidity of the soil. We also test for potential toxicities that could pose a danger if not addressed. Our goal is to make sure that your lawn is not only healthy but safe for your entire family to enjoy. By testing your soil, you are ensuring your family and pets can safely roam and explore the outdoors.

We recommend having your soil tested yearly because nature can be fickle and it is important to stay active. Our team will make a recommendation based on our findings so that you can keep your lawn safe and healthy. This often includes the addition of other nutrients through a fertilization plan or liming.

100% Organic Lawn Care Program

The 100% Organic Lawn Care Program will help to improve soil structure and the health and vigor of the turf. The products used include corn gluten meal, fish emulsions, and our own private label compost tea and soy-based fertilizers.

Going organic doesn’t have to mean giving up all the chemicals that you fertilize your lawn with every year may do a great job of killing the bugs and weeds, but they can also be very bad for the environment. Our unique mixture of 100% Organic products is specifically designed to keep your lawn healthy without adding all of those harmful chemicals to the soil. Switching to organic is a great option for the environment as well as your family. You no longer have to worry about keeping kids and pets out of the grass. An all organic lawn care program can put your worries and conscience at ease without having to sacrifice your beautiful lawn. Organic lawn care is great for people, pets, and the planet! 

Traditional Lawn Care Program

The Traditional Lawn Care Program is composed of six applications. Fertilizer, pre-emergent crabgrass, weed, grub and surface insect controls are applied on a timely basis to achieve optimum results.