Lawn Irrigation Services

Irrigation Installation & Design

SLS Irrigation has the best irrigation services available in Connecticut. Our watering systems are designed using top of the line Hunter Irrigation products and will be installed when it is most convenient for you. We offer residential and commercial system designs and installation for your lawn and/or plant beds. The new watering systems include sprinkler heads and/or drip irrigation, which will be most beneficial for your lawn care requirements.

Irrigation Systems Spring Start Up

Spring start-up inspections are essential for your irrigation systems. Before you begin your watering season, we will take the time to check the pipes, valves, and others parts of your system to see if you need any repairs. SLS Irrigation will make sure you have the appropriate water coverage for your lawn or gardening beds. We take your lawn care needs seriously and will make sure all your irrigation essentials are met!

Irrigation System Winterization

We will help you prepare your lawn care systems for winter.

Winterization occurs at the end of your watering season and is vital to keeping your equipment safe. We can protect your irrigation systems against the harsh Connecticut weather by draining the residual water from various parts of your watering systems.

We all know how temperamental Connecticut winters can be. The continual freezing and thawing can wreak havoc on your irrigation system if it is not properly winterized. When water freezes, it expands and can cause pipes to burst, costing you both time and money. In a worst case scenario, the water can freeze in your backflow system and damage internal components of your irrigation system. It is much better to get ahead of the problem by properly draining your pipes at the end of the season. This means making sure that all residual water is drained from pipes and your system is properly sealed to prevent condensation. For more information, call or contact us today about winterizing your irrigation system.

Irrigation System Troubleshooting

We have the knowledge and ability to solve all of your irrigation problems! SLS Irrigation offers troubleshooting and service calls, made by certified irrigation technicians as well as other irrigation services. We will manage your problems promptly and won’t quit until an issue has been resolved. Your lawns and plant beds are our top priority do not hesitate to contact us.

Having a problem with your irrigation system can quickly become frustrating, especially when most of it is underground! The good news is, the team at SLS Irrigation has years of experience troubleshooting and fixing these problems. Not only do they have the knowledge and expertise to assess and fix any problems you might have, they’ll also save you a headache! It is vital to address irrigation problems right away by calling us and scheduling an appointment. Ignoring a small problem can quickly turn into a much bigger and more costly problem. If you notice that your

If you notice that your irrigation system is not performing properly, have SLS Irrigation come out and assess the problem. We are equipped to fix all irrigation problems, large or small. Whatever the reason, we will make sure that your system is running perfectly by the end.